In relation to the links to my work for the Norfolk Voice Magazine and under 'Portfolio', you will find my written content on the below page numbers.


  • Norfolk Voice Business Magazine. ISSUU. GDPR. Cyber Risks.  January 2018. Page 16. Issue 45

  • Norfolk Voice Business Magazine. ISSUU. The 2017 North Norfolk Tidal Surge. Page 14. Issue 39

  • Norfolk Voice Business Magazine. ISSUU. There is a storm coming but don’t worry. Page 17. Issue 43.


Due to operating under nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) for much of my work, I am able to share little  content on my website at present. Do contact me if you would like to see additional examples of my published work. I am always available to talk through your ideas, and share my thoughts on how I might structure writing for your organization, understanding through you your end objectives, tailoring your content accordingly, and providing the outcomes that your organization deserves.