Jessamine Marie- Content Writer

What can Jessamine do for you?

Jessamine Marie researches, writes, and edits for an array of niche sectors including Technology, Finance, FinTech, Cybersecurity, Education, Healthcare, and Children’s Services.

Specializing in Content Marketing and Content Strategy, Jessamine creates valuable, relevant and consistent written content that attracts and retains your clearly defined audience, and ultimately drives profitable customer action. Jessamine can plan, develop, and write your content, helping with white papers, solution briefs, case studies, speeches, press releases, and content for brochures and websites (this is by no means an exhaustive list). 

Jessamine appreciates that putting a vital complex message into written form demands thoughtful preparation and that it can be time-consuming. In fast-moving and competitive corporate markets, there are not always enough hours in the day, and so outsourcing a writing job and having the right words provided for you in a timely manner is becoming the new effective norm, for organizations striving to grow beyond their competitors. Your brand voice can be your key differentiator, ensuring that you stand out from the crowd, and what business today can afford not to?

What scares us is the new, the untried, the untested, so we stay with what's easy. Some of the most successful businesses today are those that have taken the leap and outsourced their copywriting to competent freelance writers.

During her time working in a fast-paced, highly competitive service industry, Jessamine has had significant exposure to many aspects of the corporate world. Areas of corporate writing expertise include People Management and Development, Governance and Risk Management, Contract Negotiation, Operational and Service Management, Employee Engagement, Multi Activity Sales - Inbound, Web, & Partners, Account and Stakeholder Management, Recovery and Contingency, Agile/Scrum, Project Management Process Implementation, Customer Demand Analysis, Recruitment, and Marketing.

Perhaps you need someone to translate your business aspirations into intelligible, interesting, engaging and perhaps even entertaining prose? Let’s not forget that the writing in the publications that we engage with most, and admire, is usually simple writing. It is easy to mistake big words for strong words.

With a naturally inquisitive mind, Jessamine additionally has writing experience/interest, in Retail, The Music Business, Catering, The Charity Sector, The Ceramics Market, Non-conventional Medicine, Mental Health, Conservation, Animals, Physiology, Our Natural Environment, Fine Dining, Philosophy, and Spirituality.

Recognise that Jessamine can help drive your business forward? Contact can be made via email or telephone. Jessamine will seek to understand your business requirements through appropriate questioning and provide you with a no-obligation quote for her copywriting services.