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Jessamine Marie's Testimonials

Jess was an absolute joy to work with. She smoothly transitioned into an already established team and quickly, professionally, and seamlessly joined in and delivered without delay adding huge value to our project. The team simply loved working with her and is keen to see her back with us. I suspect it's only a matter of time before I'm calling Jess to ask her availability.

Shaun Jenkins. People Manager. Rainmaker Solutions


Jessamine Marie was a highly productive, reliable and articulate member of the “Content Factory” (CF) team that I managed at Comodo Cybersecurity.  The team was tasked with producing all types of marketing/communication deliverables – white papers, solution briefs, web content, blogs, competitive analyses, email campaigns – and Jessamine stood out for her writing skills, task management abilities and, collaborative agility.  Her participation on the team facilitated the CF in meeting ever-growing requirements from product management, product marketing and, sales operations, across divisions, cultures and time zones at this dynamic multinational cybersecurity vendor.


I would without question hire Jessamine again – she is a joy to manage and even as an outside contractor, fully integrated and in step with other contractors, employees, and projects.   I could always depend upon Jessamine for quality content, delivered on schedule, with a smile.

Bill Weinberg. Comodo Cybersecurity


At Grafik Language, we were running a large content project that required additional expertise in addition to our existing team. Jessamine Marie approached us and her professional manner from the first call, and every communication afterward, impressed us and assured us that our brief was in safe hands.


We only select the best copywriters to work with us when we need an additional resource. Jessamine Marie stood out from the crowd with her meticulous approach to the brief and her rigorous research.


We felt confident in Jessamine Marie's skills and were very happy with both the quality of her work and her friendly approach. Her services meant that we were able to deliver our project on time and within budget.

Jessamine Marie exceeded our expectations through her dedication to the brief and her ability to deliver at short notice. 


She kept us regularly informed and updated, so there was no need to check for status or progress reports.

Jessamine Marie is a talented writer and a fantastic professional to work with. She's a great asset to our team when we need to scale up our services for large projects.


Kelly Smith. Grafik Language



We needed a copywriter for our website. We had poor English and grammar mistakes so we started our search on Google. We found a local and well-written advert for Connect-Norfolk, it was easy to use, we got quick responses, there was no jargon.


Jessamine Marie at Connect-Norfolk was easy to access and was quick to understand our work. She worked within our set parameters, was knowledgeable about our sector, and was willing to learn more about it.


Since Jessamine Marie provided the written content for our digital brochure we have booked two beds in our new care home, we now provide access to marketing in a modern format.


Jessamine Marie exceeded our expectations, she fitted our work in, communicated well and quickly responded. Leaf Care Services would recommend Jessamine Marie at Connect-Norfolk as she works very well with busy businesses and takes ownership of her work.


Christen McDonnell. Leaf Care Services



Phenomenally strong in stakeholder management/relationship building with all parties, great at organization of projects/deadline delivery, good people motivator driving results for the clients you are working with. Very interested in the business and writes accordingly, driving great results whilst being extremely professional.


A Marsden. Head of Operations-Aviva



Jess always supports me and the business in a diligent and pragmatic way, Jess always returns calls and emails and always looks at ways to resolve any issues that we have and comes up with alternative solutions when required.


Jess, you always support me and the JV. I regularly see you driving the sales performance through well-written articles and case studies, I enjoy working with you and believe that you add great value through our sales optimization initiatives.

A Cropley
Senior Commercial Manager
Insurance & Investments



Organization-Where you hold weekly calls to understand our requirements, they are always run very efficiently and chaired very well by yourself, I get a lot of value out of them, where sometimes on those type of calls within Barclays, I wouldn't.


Integrity - I have the confidence that when I inundate you with writing requirements for projects, I hear from you quickly and when you say you will do something, I know you will. This is particularly important strength in a relationship role as it creates trust in the other party, and shows that you are working for the same shared goal.


General - Very diplomatic, you think about what you say before you do, you articulate yourself and come across very well, and understand all the detail we require at all times.


A pleasure to work with and appreciating there is a share of attention with Barclays, vs. other companies, we always feel that you are working in our best interests. 


D Boyle

Barclays Bank



After working with you over the last year it is evident you are able to do your job with expertise and accuracy to deliver the highest standards of work.  You make the best use of your strengths every day, these lying in your people skills and your ability to learn and retain company information quickly.  You are always professional and know your audience, allowing you to write and communicate effectively.

You always share information clearly and concisely whether vocally or by email, with the content always being addressed to the correct individuals.  You are someone that can be depended on and works well under pressure (a vital skill needed for your role).


Moving into next year, I look forward to you making our relationships with our Partners much more interactive for Service Delivery, through good writing and communication.  Last year some fantastic improvements were made and I am striving to take this forward next year - there is still much more we can achieve around service, capacity, scheduling and customer journey for our Partners and together I feel we can accomplish some great results for our Partners.  I also look forward to driving the 'I can' message and culture in next year with you and believe your enthusiasm for the business and our people will make you a great role model for this message, increasing further profitability to our business.


Overall Jess, I have always enjoyed working with you, I respect and trust your decisions and have been hugely impressed by your accomplishments.  I always feel you have time for me and trust our business conversations are kept in confidence.  You are greatly interactive in meetings (face to face and telephone) and a great person to bounce ideas and suggestions with. 


Thank you for all your help and support in 2011 and I look forward to working more together in 2012.


J Harris

Service Delivery and Business Manager-Aviva



I was looking forward to meeting you on the basis of our phone conversation. Your passion and commitment to learning was evident and I knew that you would be someone who would support our ethos and our inclusive/holistic philosophy of education.


We were all impressed by your business experience, your communication and people skills and your passion for making a difference in this community. You gave us a clear sense of how you would first seek to understand where the school is on its journey in order to enable you to best support its development. 


Kind regards,


Dan Pickard

Head teacher

Bishop’s CE VA Primary School



You are very professional and welcoming – Post Office Financial Services like this!   

You are proud of what you do and do it well.

You know your stuff – having been around the proposition for a while you come across as appropriately confident.

Good communicator – excellent communications writer, business case analysis writer, particularly when the chips are down       

Great attitude – Always upbeat and positive, this is infectious and great to have in terms of relationship management. 

You work hard – enough said


Thanks for all your hard work recently and for bringing us this far.


N Skinner

Key Account Manager

Post Office Financial Services.



You present yourself very well and have a balanced approach when looking at things, always with our best interests at heart. - You are very easy to work with.


The one thing that makes you stand out is your passion and knowledge of your business and people and you quickly work with your clients to understand what will impact them both positively and negatively and write promotional copy accordingly.


It has been a pleasure working with you and hopefully this continues into next year.




S Duncan

Business Manager 

Barclay’s Sales & Retention



You have always given 100% to whatever the task is you’re undertaking.

I have absolute confidence in putting a variety of business requests your way, knowing that you always represent your customer with the highest of professionalism. I have admired your integrity a number of times.

I see you set yourself apart from your competitors through the standards that you set yourself and I like that you are confident in voicing your views even when you are aware that these differ from that of your audience. you always work with us to ensure we work towards the same goal.

I like the way you present your views, you’re very balanced, very calm and can present a mixture of fact and feeling with equal meaning. I have seen you show passion and I genuinely believe you care about the causes you champion but are able to convey this in a non-emotive, and therefore effective way.

You take on a high amount of work both in terms of volume and importance and always deliver what you promise, on time.


S Askins

Strategy Manager-Aviva



Having known Jessamine for a number of years, I am honored to write this small but hopefully succinct testimony to her creative writing skills. Her descriptive talents shine in her writing. She is an amazingly creative person herself and manages to engage with the feel and subtlety of her subject matter through her heart and onto the page. Unless you have that inner understanding, that is a very difficult thing to pull off.

I have read quite a few contributions from Jessamine and always feel energized, motivated and duly informed. Translating corporate, technical, visual and audible subjects into tangible written passages is quite a talent. Her field of knowledge and research is more than sufficient, enabling Jessamine to converse and communicate on a vast range of subject matter. 


Chris Higgins

Writer, Poet, and Actor

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