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Jessamine Marie. Content Designer and Technical Writer

What can Jessamine do for GOV.UK?

Jessamine can support you with transforming online public services by:


  • providing content in line with Government Digital Service (GDS) requirements

  • adhering to government-associated style guides, standards and principles

  • working within the parameters of the GOV.UK Design System

  • collaborating with Interaction Designers to build content using the most appropriate design pattern

  • simplifying complex policy or legalese

  • seeking to understand user needs

  • putting the user at the core of any decision-making

  • ensuring that design is user-led and that User Research (UR) drives iterations to prototypes

  • placing accessibility at the heart of content and design


How can Jessamine support you with Technical Writing?


Jessamine can support technical writing for white papers, how-to guides, thought-leadership blogs and more by:


  • seeking to understand your target audience or end-users

  • conducting research and interviews with C-suite executives

  • providing complex information to readers in a way that they can understand

  • helping readers to understand a skill, process, product or service

  • delivering content that provides direction, instruction or explanation

  • ensuring accessible document design



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